Our Beers

Our beers can be purchased in refillable 2L growlers, or kegs in the following sizes: 15.5 gallon (1/2 bbl), 5.25 gallons (1/6 bbl).

Habsburg Hefeweizen IBU: 11.9 Color: 4.55 SRM
Our German style Hefeweizen has a strong banana and clove aroma, and flavor. A wonderfully crisp and sweet, easy drinking beer that can be enjoyed while trying to escape the heat of a Southern California Summer.
Pale Ale IBU: 31 Color: 10 SRM
Our Pale ale is essentially an English Pale Ale. Similar in body and malt to Boddington’s and other British ales, it has a hop presence more reminiscent of a California style pale ale such as Sierra Nevada. It has a balanced malt presence with an equally strong hop bitterness and nose. 5.7% ABV makes it pack a little more punch than most ales in the same category, but it goes down smooth and makes a great session ale.
Brown Ale IBU: 30 Color: 18 SRM
Our Brown is simply put…. amazing! Styled as a Northern English Nut Brown Ale, it carries the same malty sweetness you would expect of the category but with a slight California hop twist. This is designed and carried through to be particularly malty, creamy, and thick. Taste-wise it is similar to Lost Coast’s Downtown Brown but with a slightly drier, hoppier finish. It is 5.5% ABV and frankly goes awesome with a steak, burger, bbq, or anything with a strong meaty flavor (and ironically makes a great dessert beer with some vanilla ice cream).
India Pale Ale (IPA) IBU: 63 Color: 6.5 SRM
The IPA weighs in at a hefty 7.0% ABV and is not intended for the light of heart. Again, it is styled in the English IPA category, giving it a slightly less hoppy taste and nose than a typical “California IPA” . Very balanced, but still presents the lip-puckering hoppiness you would come to expect from an IPA.
Victoria (American Strong Ale) IBU: 98 Color: 14 SRM
Named after Victoria Avenue in Riverside where we purchased oranges, the first step in the journey of creating this beer. Orange zest in the boil and hops hand-selected to highlight the citrus notes contributed by the orange give this beer its strong bitterness and citrusy floral nose. Honey added to the boil gives the beer a unique balance and borderline sweetness not generally found in beers of this category; the honey also helps contribute to the whopping 11% ABV. This is a great beer.
Pepin “The Short” Porter IBU: 41.5 Color: 32.5 SRM
Our porter is also styled as a British style porter with a strong roasted flavor. Flavors reminiscent of coffee and dark chocolate balance well in this ale, the maltiest of our main lineup. It is 5.8% ABV, and similarly to our brown ale, it pairs well with strong flavored food, or likewise as a dessert beer. Originally slated to be a seasonal offering, it is now offered year round due to its popularity.